Jim Graver, Owner of Web-Rx Consulting,  operating an amateur radio during Field Day.

One of my hobbies is amateur radio. Here I am operating on Field Day. I also volunteer at the Clark County EMA (Emergency Management Agency), and I am active with Clark County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and I am currently president of the Clark County Amateur Radio Association.

"We at Lagonda Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution highly recommend Mr. Jim Graver for his knowledge and expertise in web site development. His valuable experience in this area has given us websites for both Lagonda Chapter and the Pennsylvania House Museum that are extremely effective in both appearance and content." - Carol Spurlock, Regent, Lagonda Chapter, DAR

About Web-Rx Consulting

Hi! I am Jim Graver, owner of Web-Rx Consulting. I appreciate your visiting and hope it provides you with the information you were seeking.

I am often asked why I entered a congested website design market (if you type "web designer" into the Google search box you will see millions of results). I knew I had to differentiate myself from the other companies. One unique way I can do that is to be open, honest and friendly towards my customers.

I have been designing and managing websites since 1999. My work experiences include roles as a Quality Assurance Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Product Service Manager and Product Marketing Manager. Each of these roles involved being "in touch" with the customer.

Unless you are lucky to have a word-of-mouth referral, you typically have to take your chances when selecting a web designer or developer .

With Web-Rx Consulting I have established a company that will tell you the honest facts about how to get a website on the internet, provide you with what you need to get your site on the internet all at a fair price.

By focusing on the small business website market, I can assist where large resources aren't budgeted for a website, but the need or desire is there.

I work out of my home to keep your costs low. No fancy store front. Just an honest, friendly company dedicated to working with you to get your website online and to keep it updated, as needed.

Please consider Web-Rx Consulting when you need to get a website on the Internet or upgrade your current website. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for the opportunity!

Small Portfolio of Client Websites

  • Lagonda Chapter, DAR

    The Lagonda Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Click the image to view a screenshot.

    Visit Their Site
  • CLS Laser Engraving

    A custom laser engraving company. Laser etch lots of different materials. Click the image to view a screenshot.

    Visit Their Site
  • Kessler Engineering

    Kessler Engineering, LLC. An amateur radio products e-Commerce site. Click the image to view a screenshot.

    Visit Their Site